four for you, punk rock jensen
you go, punk rock jensen


this is great on its own, but then you remember the fact that he was wearing a kilt and it just makes it that much better

I ‘re blog this every time I see this

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I miss our late night calls, not just through FaceTime but through the phone. We hardly talk and I know it’s because you are busy, I have no problem with that; nevertheless I hate when I don’t talk to you and I hate that I do not talk to you much. I love you so much and I have no problem, I’m patient, but not talking the way we use to or even go out which we do not do by ourselves not once just kinda kills me. You always tell me that you are going to take me out next week or something but those promises eventually just become words forgotten in the wind. It makes me sad honestly but hopefully this phase ends quick because I hate this :/ . You say it will but so far it feels like an eternity and it is killing me. I still love you insanely and I can’t stop loving you that is why I am still by your side. But please all I want is time spent with you or talking to you, that is all I ask for my love.


Honestly im really afraid of a prettier, funnier, crazier, happier, better looking girl that can come into his life and enchant him and love him better than me. Thats why I can never stop trying because I dont ever want to lose him, I love him with all my heart for all of eternity. I really mean it, I just really do wish I was the perfect funny crazy beautiful girl like many our there. I mean he always tells me that im beautiful and that im amazing but still im afraid of the really funny beautiful women, im not jelalous or anything its just ik I can never beat them. Its not that I want to be them its just yea…idk. well goodnight. :T

A long definition behind I miss you

See when I tell him I miss you he probably imagines the typical I miss you. I’m not sure. But I wish he knew that when I tell him I miss him I really do. It’s not just wanting to talk to him. But when I tell him I miss him it’s more than just that. When I tell him I miss him I mean I miss feeling his soft skin caress upon mine when I hug him. I miss seeing his adorable cute smile with his amazing dimples, create every moment I walked up to him. I miss feeling his arms and chest tense up when he would hug me and then take a big sigh of relief after. I miss hearing his unique vocal tone who’s I can identify in any second. I miss hearing his dorky laugh with his scrunched up eyes and dorky smile after he would joke around with me and get me heated. I miss feeling every strand of hair run through my fingers whenever I would caress his dark brown soft hair. I miss feeling his stomach and feeling him breathe calmly as I gently pressed my hands against it while I hugged him. I miss when we would just stare at each other and begin to smile like idiots because we would say everything without saying anything. I miss his awkward weird funny jokes that made me laugh because they were just wtf. I miss seeing his light brown solid eyes that enchant me with just staring at them. I miss feeling the caressing of his hand against my cheek when he would fix my crazy messy hair. I miss seeing him get lost I thought, see him space off into his world. I miss those romantic moments that we would have whether it was on the grass, on a bench, or at a table it was always amazing and perfect. I miss when hearing his music and judging some of it and messing around. I miss all our simple moments yet so beautiful and wonderful. I miss feeling him lean against me knowing that I’m always here for him, both emotionally and physically. I miss feeling him grab my arm and wrap my arms around him. I miss when I would spend every minute with you and it felt like it would go too quick. I miss being with you in random times of the day. I miss our improv since we’re bad at planning. I miss YOU. I miss every detail, smirk, gesture, joke, and silent yet meaningful moment with you. I really do miss YOU. All of you. Why? Because I love you. I want to spend every minute with you and being away from you just sucks. But I know I’ll soon be able to hang out with you. I’m patient but I’m home sick you can say that’s all. /.\ I can continue on but I’d just rather wait when I’m with you (:

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